Wedding dress: Part II

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Hello Girls!

A few weeks ago I told you that I participated in a photo shoot for a bridal editorial, and I shared photos of an outdoor wedding. Today I share the second part of the session, for a more elegant wedding than the previous one.

Last time I told you how special it was for me, seven years after having staged my wedding. It filled me with nostalgia to remember so many details and special moments when planning that day. Spring weddings, like the first publication, I have always loved and was the style I chose at my real wedding.

However, when I think that my wedding had been at this time in my life (with Joaquín again of course!), I think I would choose this other style, sober and elegant.

These pictures are taken inside the house at Hacienda Montemar, in Alajuela. The rustic style, with a greenery tendency, with a floral design full of greens, was excellently complemented by the salons. The colors are much more neutral than the previous one, with shades in coffee and ivory, with the use of woods and accents in gold and pink gold.

My dress, like the previous one, is from All About Dresses. It has a V-shaped neckline and a Siren cut, ideal for those who have an hourglass or rectangular shaped body, because it accentuates the curves. The first layer is not the pure white traditional brides, but it is ivory, in a shiny and smooth fabric. The second layer is transparent and is filled with applications of embroidered thread in flowers and rhinestones.

For me, it makes me look more romantic and elegant, ideal for a wedding in the afternoon or at night. The headdress we choose is like a headband in gold tones. It is an accessory that complements and accentuates the romanticism of this dress. I wanted to wear my hair in a low bun for the elegant style of the dress, it is much more comfortable for the bride, it does not get out of shape like a loose or semi-loose hair and it allows to wear a more intense makeup.

“This headdress brings together not only the trend material of pieces for brides, but also the color, with a mixture of golds and even silver, which makes it perfect for a ceremony evening or night. It was made in porcelain paste and decorated with pearls in each flower. By its shape and color, it illuminates and frames the face of the bride.” Fabiola Urbina

“For this look I am inspired by the details of the brightness of the headdress and dress, to add the same light in the look. But at the same time give intensity to the eye to make it look bigger and more expressive. Here the eyelashes play an important role giving life to the eye! In the skin I worked on cream products for a porcelain skin effect but with enough luminosity looking for the radiant effect that brides like and lips I decided to leave neutral with a nude tone to give balance to make up!” Tamara Sabaté

An indoor and night wedding gives us a clue to do something more elegant. I think it’s an excellent alternative when we have doubts about the weather for the date we plan to get married. In this scenario you can use all the glitz and glamor you want, and feel like a princess that special day.

I hope you like the photos and serve them for all who are planning this day!

Dress: All About Dresses

Headdress: Urbina Atelier

Hair y make up: Tamara Sabaté

Photography: Andrés Brenes

Location: Hacienda Montemar, Alajuela

Wedding Planner: Mariana Fournier

Furnishing: Realce

Floral Design: Romero

Stationery: Pergamina

A hug,


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