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36 hours in Guanajuato – Tacones y Sazones

36 hours in Guanajuato

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Hello girls!

In the previous post I told you how we got to Guanajuato, and now I describe my experience touring the state capital of the same name. We arrived in the afternoon, after a long drive by car. We chose a boutique hotel with walking distance to the main points of interest, which also had comfortable rooms and additional services such as restaurant, spa and gym.

After several hours in a car, we wanted to eat and stretch our legs. So after lunch an Aztec soup we took the tour of the alleyways. We left the square in front of the church of San Diego with a purrón full of wine. We toured several alleys in Guanajuato, while the musicians of the estudiantina, dressed in medieval style gala costumes, performed songs, told legends and jokes typical of the area. The tour ends in the most emblematic alley, el del Beso.

After the tour we went out to dinner at one of the restaurants in front of the Garden of the Union, celebrating the anniversary that we celebrated in those days. We ate traditional, local mining enchiladas and I wore the only heels I had in my luggage for the first time.

The next day we started with exercises. The hotel’s gym did not meet our expectations, but Joaquín decided to make a simple and quick routine so as not to lose the habit. After our usual breakfast when we are in Mexico: chilaquiles with eggs, fruits with yogurt, coffee and juice, we went out to explore the city.

The main places I wanted to visit were the Mercado Hidalgo, the Juarez Theater and the Pípila viewpoint. As we walked towards each point, we found other places, such as the Temple of the Company, the Staircase of the University of Guanajuato, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato, the Temple of San Francisco, the Moumento a Jorge Negrete and all the charm that enclose the colorful alleys and dark tunnels.

The market has a huge Victorian metal vault and has local food, crafts and other traditional ingredients. Then we arrived at the Juarez Theater and we managed to enter the room, which is incredible. It has a mixture of styles, usual within Latin American architecture, its neoclassical façade contrasts with a metallic interior that transports you to the far west, mixed with the Moorish and Art Nouveau style.

When we went out we had lunch at the front, in one of the 50 best restaurants in Mexico, Casa Valadez. We decided to combine traditional dishes with more contemporary ones while enjoying the view from the window. Then we decided to go up to the viewpoint, which can be climbed in a funicular, bus or walking. The articular was in maintenance, so we decided to do it walking. The view is spectacular and the route between alleys super interesting.

To end the day we return to the hotel to receive a relaxing massage in the spa and go out to dinner. That night we tried another dish in the area, the molcajetes. In a volcanic stone mortar in which they prepare a mixture of ingredients: different types of meat, pineapple, melted cheese, onions, in a special and delicious sauce. The margaritas are ideal to accompany it!

In this way we finished our quick trip to Guanajuato. It is definitely a special place that I love having been able to meet, and I would like to be able to return, to know other interesting corners that were left out on this first visit. The next day we depart in the morning to our next destination, San Miguel de Allende, which I will be contanto in the next publication.

a hug,


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