A night in San Miguel de Allende


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Hello girls!

We continue with the trip to Mexico, this time in our second destination San Miguel de Allende. This colonial city is located within the state of Guanajuato, and is 80km away from the capital that I tell you in the previous publication. We did the tour by car, and we lasted 1:30 hours.

As I already told you, in boutique hotels they usually do not have parking, but when you put your destination in WAZE you can request the location of the closest parking lots. We chose the Casa Oratorio hotel, located in the heart of the city. Each room has its own character, we were assigned the so-called San Miguel, on the corner of the building, with balconies to both streets Los Insurgentes and Pepe Llanos.

I love being able to know this type of hotels, which are buildings that were built in another era and with another purpose. The rooms are different from what you usually find and the hospitality of its staff make you feel more at the home of some friends than in a hotel. The hotel has a roof terrace that allows you to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset; and despite not having a restaurant in their facilities they offer us a delicious breakfast in a nearby cafeteria.

Arriving in San Miguel is like feeling inside a movie. The car stayed in the parking lot and from there we only wanted to walk. Everything is close, and nothing compares with being able to walk the cobbled streets full of colonial buildings and showcases full of handmade pieces.

As if we were really in a movie, when we arrived we went to Parque Jardín Allende, because they recommended the restaurants in its perimeter. Reigning in the area is the Parroquia Miguel Arcángel, and as we approach we find a scene that I never imagined: to the sound of the mariachi and the rhythm of the “giantess” a couple celebrated their marriage. I felt immensely captivated by the scene that I do not think I will ever forget, because it encloses that Mexican identity that I love.

That day we had Molcajete because although I explained to the waiter that we had already tasted it in Guanajuato, he explained that they did it differently and better! It was definitely delicious, and between a Corona chelada and a Margarita I left Restaurant Los Milagros feeling even happier and in love with being able to be there enjoying myself.

For dessert we opted for the famous churros of San Agustín Café and we spent the rest of the day walking. We visited the Craft Market, where I went crazy and left with belts, earrings, bags and everything I found in between. The hat of the photos I bought it from a craftsman in the corner of Starbucks, which by the way is the most beautiful one I have ever met!

The weather was unbeatable and it was getting dark around 8:00 p.m., which allowed us to continue walking through all the streets. At nightfall we decided to have dinner on the roof QUINCE. Being colonial the city has a fairly low average height, but the feeling of being on an outdoor terrace, with a night view of the illuminated Parroquia is extraordinary. We dined on international food, we paused the tacos with a mushroom risotto and a grilled salmon.

The next day we were awakened with fireworks at 5:00 am, and we still do not know the reason for their existence. We did exercises in the living room of the room and went to breakfast at the Café del Teatro Santa Ana, where in their inner courtyard they served us delicious chilaquiles with eggs and green sauce.

We bought a couple of things that were left pending, like the Coyote mask for the collection and the fridge magnet. I usually do not like to accumulate ornaments and memories, but for a while now I love to carry a magnet of each place we visit, so I have a constant memory in the kitchen of each trip. It hurts me to remember that the magnet never reached my suitcase, I do not know at what point I lost it, but I have the satisfaction that I will have to return!

I hope you like my adventures,

a hug,


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