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A special night! – Tacones y Sazones

A special night!

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Hello girls!

As you will have seen in my insta stories, a few days ago I attended the premiere of the opera La Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi. It was a very special occasion, because my husband participates in the cast as Gastón. So from early I called to book for the most romantic table (in front of the window) in one of my favorite restaurants, LA ESQUINA DE BUENOS AIRES, in San Jose.

It’s fun when there is something we love, because sometimes it’s difficult to make a change. I say this because when I get to the place I know what I want to eat, and then I get the doubt if there will be something better on the menu versus losing myself from what I already know that I love! Hahaha

Anyway, the entrees if we vary them and are always delicious. We usually ordered mussels alla Provencal, but this time we were not in shellfish mood, so we decided on a prosciutto with melon, the best Italian style.

The first time I tried this combination was on my honeymoon, in a restaurant in front of the Pantheon in Rome. How to forget that summer and that combination of flavors?!, I love it when the food transports you to such special moments, it fills your soul.

The main dish I’m talking about is the entraña. I admit I enjoy eating meat, and this cut is extraordinary. The sides can vary, in my case I usually prefer the cold salad above cooked vegetables, and the noisette potatoes are delicious!

At dinner time I do not usually eat that much, but here you have the option of ordering a minientraña. That is a half portion of the meat. To accompany the meal, my husband, the guest of honor, chose a delicious wine that I can not remember the name, I promise to tell you soon!

For dessert we usually share a portion. Personally I love the chocolate mousse with orange, which also transports me to another occasion. The first time I tried it was in this same restaurant, at an anniversary dinner, quite a few years ago!

However, this time we ended up deciding on the dulce de leche pancake with vanilla ice cream. It’s perfect!

If they have not gone, I invite them to know, and if they have already gone, what do they expect to return?

A hug,


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