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Hello girls!

Definitely accessories are indispensable in any outfit and for any occasion. It’s those details that finish defining your style and help you look more glamorous. In addition, they allow you to easily change an outfit, which is ideal if you want to have a capsule wardrobe, or when you are traveling.

In this case, I wanted to wear a monochromatic outfit in golden tones. A loose blouse with pleated fabric and a mini skirt with sequins make up a striking and bright outfit. To travel I wanted to achieve two results with the same outfit, by varying the accessories. In this case, they are all part of the collections of three national designers whom I greatly admire.

First I opted for a more classic style, with a beautiful champagne and black URBINA headdress. This headdress is made on a cap, lined with a beautiful duplex silk taffeta; with it the flower was elaborated, which in turn is accompanied by a fan of beautiful feathers in jet black.

I love how the champagne color contrasts with my dark hair. When I combed my hair, I decided to pick up my hair from the side, in a more classic way and generate a balance with the headdress that is also worn on my side.

We took these photos on the stairs of the New York Public Library building, located on Fifth Avenue, between 40th and 42nd Streets. It has a Neoclassical architectural style, and has been the scene of multiple films, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sex and the City and The Day After Tomorrow.

Then, I made a change to achieve a more contemporary style. I fell in love with a transparent jacket, with black details and gold metallic rings, designed by Concepción Miranda. I felt that using it on the golden blouse was perfect because it allowed him to show all its details.

In addition, I opted for two necklaces by J. Lang. One short, choker type or “choker” and another long with a pendant. Both in natural black leather, with details of gold rings. They were definitely the perfect mix with the jacket. Hair in a high tail for when you wear necklaces of this type is a good idea.

These photos were made in a super modern place, perhaps the newest infrastructure I have visited so far in the city: the Oculus. It is a building designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and is part of the 9/11 memorial. It makes us feel that we are inside a whale’s ribs, but from a super futuristic perspective. It houses metro stations and numerous shops underground.

Photographs: Tatiana Marin Photography

Headdress: Urbina Atelier

Jacket: Concepción Miranda

Necklaces: J. Lang

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