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How to plan the outfits when traveling – Tacones y Sazones

How to plan the outfits when traveling

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Hello girls!

The other day I told you about how it is possible and super advantageous to pack light when traveling. Definitely the feeling of carrying few things can be really liberating, to get detached from the unnecessary and focus on what is really worthwhile, to live that moment, to travel that path and enjoy the destination.

For some it is impossible to imagine that they can only travel with carry on luggage, for others it simply is not important. Anyway, I invite you to continue reading, because I am sure that if you manage to plan an efficient luggage you do not need as many things as you think.

The luggage can be divided into four general categories: clothing, products, equipment and personal documents. Of them definitely everything related to clothing will be what occupies the largest volume in your luggage. Here I include everything necessary to create an outfit, which varies depending on the trip you make.

Once you have defined the destination, it is important to estimate factors such as the weather and the agenda you intend to carry. In other words, if you are going to explore the Greek islands in August, you will prepare clothes for a super warm climate that will also allow you to stay walking and doing all kinds of outdoor activities.

Once you have a clear style, we can make the outfits. Regardless of those factors of climate / destination / agenda, when you travel you must program everything you need without taking too much. This involves analyzing each piece and putting on flexible outfits that allow you to alter them according to the unforeseen circumstances.

This means that an outfit designed for the day can become one at night, or that you can combine and add or remove pieces if the weather changes unexpectedly. In addition, they must be pieces that allow you to feel comfortable for long hours without returning to the hotel. It’s like creating a capsule wardrobe for travel, where everything combines with everything in the most efficient way.

As for the shoes and coats … Remember that they are the biggest and heaviest pieces of the suitcase. Try to carry the minimum necessary and that are fit to wear during the trip (airports = cold weather regardless of the final destination). You should not wear more than three pairs of shoes and one – two heavy coats.

Accessories and purses? they can help you diversify the outfits, but do not forget to analyze if you really need that third portfolio and that fifth pair of earrings? LOL

If you have doubts to plan your luggage do not hesitate to write me!

Photographs: Tatiana MArin Photography


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