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Flowers on flowers – Tacones y Sazones

Flowers on flowers

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Hi girls!

Something I have learned over time is that I prefer to strive to find my personal style, beyond following all the trends we see in the showcases. I have learned that there are styles and shapes that look better than others for myself, as well as certain colors. This has to do with my personality, my lifestyle and my figure, and it is part of what I think in my thirties I have known to enjoy better, to know more.

That does not mean I can not try new things and reinvent myself. For months I wanted to try out two trends that I combined in today’s dress, pajama style and pattern mix. Everything within a context between spring and summer, full of color as I like.

Everything started with these pants I found in Zara a month ago. I love her relaxed style, I think the combination of wide leg and high waist is very flattering for those who are not very tall, as it gives a high legs ratio. Especially if you wear wedges with a platform like me, I would have had to take him to adjust the ring! LOL

I love fabrics like this, full of color and design. Can they be a great ally when it comes to combining them, or can they get us into a crossroads when we do not know what to wear? Today I thought about getting out of the box, not wearing the typical white blouse that goes with everything and mixing!

The mix of patterns is not my thing, I confess that I have a hard time achieving it. However it is something that I love and today I felt I had hit the spot. The idea here is that we like ourselves and feel comfortable. I think the fact that they are flowers with flowers, with similar colors and fabrics helped to make the click between both.

Also, wearing it felt like it was a half pajama style. It is not silk, but it gives the impression of this trend that I also love. The accessories, inside the same color palette were wicker: hat and bag type basket, and with long earrings.

(Photos by Tatiana Marin Photography)

A hug,


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