Manicure in colors with Sally Hansen

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Hi girls!

Few things are better in life than having your hands with perfect nails, right? Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite nail polishes from Sally Hansen, HARD AS NAILS, that allows you to walk out with divine hands every day.

Sometimes my agenda does not allow me to visit the salon so often, which has prompted me to always have Sally’s divine colors in my house. HARD AS NAILS are nail polishes that have both treatment and color in one bottle, which saves you one step and allows you to have super nails healthy.

When we have a routine full of activities, we must take extra care with our hands and nails. Whether in domestic activities such as cooking or outdoor activities such as playing sports, you can weaken your nails. In my case, I really feel the difference when I have them painted, since they are much more resistant.

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