Oriental chicken salad


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Hello girls!

Since a few days ago I have a husband asking me to indulge him with a salad that I did not prepare for many days ago. Sometimes we eat something so many times as we end up cloaked and we must leave some time to be able to try again. This happened to me with this salad, and today I remembered how much I like it and how easy it is to prepare it.

It has the great advantage that it has no carbs, for those who take care of the diet. You can prepare it as a side dish or as a complete meal. Also you can prepare it in advance and eat it later, in your office, a picnic, etc.

Ingredients for 2 people as a complete meal:

A boneless chicken breast Olive oil Garlic (I have it prepared in olive oil, one step less!)


Regular mustard

Ginger (I always have the one that comes in jar in slices, pink)

Soy sauce (if you cook gluten free you should check that the sauce is)

Sesame seeds (I like to mix white with black!)

A small lettuce (for this recipe I like the Roman because it is crispy)

A large mango (may be green or ripe, today has a middle ground!) An avocado (I like hass) Preparation:

  1. In a frying pan, place a spoonful of olive oil with garlic.
  2. Wash, chop the chicken and put it in the pan.
  3. Add mustard, honey, ginger, soy sauce and sesame seeds. This adds to the taste, but can calculate a tablespoon of each ingredient.
  4. Leave on medium heat for 10 minutes.
  5. Apart, wash and chop lettuce, mango and avocado.
  6. If you are not going to eat right away you can leave the ingredients in the refrigerator, the chicken cooked apart and the vegetables in another container.
  7. When serving, you put a bed of lettuce, avocado and mango. You finish with the chicken on top.

The chicken sauce is the dressing of the salad, meaning that it does not require adding anything else. Bon Appetite !!


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