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Over The Wall Fashion Show 2018 – Tacones y Sazones

Over The Wall Fashion Show 2018

FASHION, Special occasions

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Hello girls!

La Creativa: University and University College, held on Saturday, September 1, its annual Over The Wall Fashion Show 2018, in Momentum Escazú. In my instagram stories they will have seen a bit of what happened and today I want to share my review of the event.

“For this edition we want to show the classic and minimalist side of Latin America as well as the contributions of these countries in the areas of culture, literature and art through fashion designs that reflect heterogeneity and diversity.” Over The Wall “also seeks to generate awareness among viewers through a strong criticism of the social problems currently experienced in this region of the world such as racism, xenophobia, machismo and violence. ” U Creative

In this presentation 22 designers participated, among students of the Fashion Design career and graduates. They presented their collections where 75% are commercials designed for specific target markets and 25% are garments that emphasize the image (not salable). A total of 8 men and 14 women integrated the list of models.

During the runway the students with the best designs according to their category received a recognition from the qualifying jury. In addition, HOLA Magazine Costa Rica delivered the Hello! Prize on the second occasion, of which I could be part of the jury. Then I show you part of the runway:

Cristi Blanco –“Black Warrior”

Daniel Aguirre – “Libertad sobre viento”

Maureen Berrocal – “Montparnasse”

Silvia Gomez Rojas-  “Mágica Pasión”


Gimena Ramírez – “Movimiento”

Pamela Vargas- “Trastorno esquizotípico de la personalidad”

Carlos Andres Arnaez Carrillo- “Héroïne Merlín”

Teresa Brenes Granados – “Piedra de peñol”

Heylen Campos – “Arte Precolombino Costarricense” (reconocimiento del jurado categoría panorámica).

Sheyla Palma – “Irisación”

Alejandra Flores “Fruela” – “Serenidad Encantada” (reconocimiento del jurado categoría teoría del diseño de modas).


Maureen Berrocal – “Infantes”


Rony Vargas- “Ofrecer mi corazón” (reconocimiento del jurado categoría diseño I y ganador del Premio HOLA!).


Marlen Rojas- “Costa Rica Sostenible”


Marianela Sandí- “Boyacá” (reconocimiento del jurado categoría Diseño II).


Judith Villatoro – “Ríos de Gente”


Noelia Badilla- “Tonos” (reconocimiento del jurado categoría Diseño III).


Christel Barrantes- “Universo Visual


Camila Montoya- “Élevé”


Nora Guillen – “Naturaleza Salvaje”(reconocimiento del jurado categoría Proyecto Graduación).


Ingrid Alvarado – “Déjà vu”


Stephanie Vargas – “Pinto flores para que no mueran”


Jennifer Jiménez – “Mrs. Capone”




The show was held in the parking lot of Momentum Escazú, and for the set design the project was inspired to bring down all those walls and barriers that divide the Latin American countries. For the closing of the Over The Wall parade, the University paid tribute to the national designer Daniel Moreira, where his muses paraded with their most popular designs.

It was impossible for me to remove someone from the photos, so I left one for each designer. I hope you like them and can appreciate through them part of what we could enjoy that day full of Costa Rican fashion and design. For me it was a super inspiring night, to be able to appreciate how fashion grows in Costa Rica and how lovers of it we can enjoy it in bigger and better platforms, to enjoy it and expose it to the world.

Photographs: Creative University

A hug,