Pizza date!

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A few days ago I went to dinner at a restaurant I did not know, and I liked it so much that I came back to tell you about it. This is Pizza Republic, located in City Place, Santa Ana, San Jose. The atmosphere is relaxed and the menu delicious!

As we were a party of four we were able to order several things to try everything. The first crossroads was to decide between sangria or gin and tonic ?, for pizza I always ask for wine or sangria, and sometimes a beer. However, I go with gin and tonic craving and it was hard to dismiss the idea of making that unconventional pairing! LOL

the entrance we shared a caprese salad and a tuna carpaccio, plus a complimentary bread. I love that the caprese salad adds other ingredients, such as the bed of lettuce and cherry tomatoes; But here was the carpaccio who stole the show, because it carries a delicious basil foam that had never tasted.

Then followed the pizza! There are many types and you can add or remove ingredients to your liking. We ordered a margarita with extra prociutto, mushrooms and fresh basil. We did not eat dessert, but as we want to return, the next I tell you about it!

I hope the photos help you crave it because it’s worth going!

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