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Hello girls!

I continue with my travels through Mexico, this time we arrived at the State of Mexico. For those who do not know me so much, I am an architect and among my favorite courses maybe those of History of Architecture. In fact, for several years I was an assistant in the course that focuses on the pre-Columbian architecture of Latin America.

The time we had in the city was limited, so we have to define priorities. Definitely being able to meet one of the largest pre-Hispanic cities in Mesoamerica was a check in my bucket list: Teotihuacán. If you have not heard of the site, it is an area of archaeological monuments declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987, and is located 70km from the city of Distrito Federal.

The complex is defined from a main axis of 40m, the roadway of the dead. Its main buildings are the pyramids of the Sun (63m high) and the Moon (45m high). Additional to them are buildings destined to temples, palaces and houses. To be able to travel through a space so full of mysticism, it becomes overwhelming. Regardless of whether you like architecture or history, it is impressive to be able to climb all the steps and reach the top of a pyramid.

One of the objectives of having started exercising regularly since January is to be able to enjoy this type of experience without worrying about my physical condition, the doubt of whether I can or can not get there. However, the day we visited the archaeological center was a little frustrating for me because I was quite cold and it was hard for me to breathe.

Anyway, I got there, I walked, I went up and down, despite being a bit dizzy on the summit because of the congestion and height of the site (2300 masl). It would definitely have been much more difficult if my legs and lungs had not been in the condition I have achieved in these months. To have been immersed in such an important city, which existed between 100 BC and 1150 AD It has been a super special experience in my life and it is something you should do if you visit the area.

If you are going to visit Teotihuacán, I recommend you consider the following:

  • You’re going to walk a lot, that is, wear comfortable shoes. I took my nike sneakers to run (I have never run but the fact is that they are super comfortable).
  • You are going to be outdoors for a long time, that is, use a sunscreen and a hat. Remember that the blocker should be applied on all exposed skin, not just on the face. We end up with red arms.
  • Being an archaeological center there is a lot of dust. This point is important if you wear contact lenses and / or have allergies. I wore dark glasses and handkerchiefs (I had a cold, otherwise I do not think it would have affected me).
  • As for the clothes, I thought about wearing jeens and long-sleeved shirts rolled because they protect me from the sun and allow me to be calm in the sense that they will not break easily if I sit down or even if I fall.
  • You must limit what you carry so as not to walk extra weight: bottle of water, some snack, cell phone to take pictures and cash if you want a souvenir item (they have everything from ornaments to jewelry).

I hope your advice will be useful and that you will want to visit the site.

a hug,


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