Christmas Eve with tapas!

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Christmas Eve with tapas!

Hello girls!
A few days ago we celebrated Christmas. For those of us who are Christians, it is a very special date, where we celebrate as a family. In my case, our family is large and the celebrations take place over several days. First we celebrate in our house, we invite our brothers and dads to dinner. Then we had dinner at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and with my husband’s family we had lunch on Christmas day.

This time I show them the outfit I chose for Christmas Eve dinner. These dates cheer for shine and glamor, for this reason I decided to wear a metallic pleated skirt, with heels in the same silver tone. The two pieces are of classic style but being metallic they become a more contemporary style. The peacock green blouse, with glitter and pearl details on the shoulders.
The accessory that night was a beautiful URBINA headdress. It is a ribbon with organza flowers and silver lamé. With natural waxed flowers, giving a vintage look super appropriate for a classic outfit. In addition to that, I only thought about wearing my nails and lips in cherry red.

Today I wanted to try some tapas, mouths or snacks at NOKKE. This restaurant is a tapas lounche speak. In this case, the chef José Manuel Acuña recommended a couple of delicious dishes that I want to show you for your next visit to the place. First they brought me some risotto risotto with mushrooms and red wine, with aioli and balm reduction. Then, breaded jumbo shrimp, stuffed with feta cheese, on a bed of cucumber and carrot miso salad, bathed in eel sauce.
I thank NOKKE for his hospitality and for his good spoon. Definitely want to return to continue tasting all the menu dishes!
Headdress: URBINA Atelier
Location: NOKKE, Plaza Tempo
Photographs: Tatiana Marin Photography
Hair, makeup and manicure: Anka Estética
A hug,

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